Best iPhone 7 Cases: We Showcase our Favorites

That shiny new iPhone 7 has just arrived and it looks pretty amazing! Now don’t go dropping it and destroying the beautiful product John Ive designed. There are some pretty durable, sleek, and affordable iPhone 7 cases on the market today and we’re gonna show you some of the best iPhone 7 cases.

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Why would you want to buy a case for your new iPhone 7? You want to keep it looking shiny and clean forever right? Well a case will definitely do that for you. The best iPhone 7 cases often come in a few materials so you have options like TPU plastic, hard shelled cases, heavy rubber cases like the Otterbox, or virtually indestructible cases like the LifeProof line of cases.

best iphone 7 cases

Some of the best iPhone 7 cases also have added features that add functionality along with protection for your new phone. Some examples of the best iPhone 7 cases features are added battery packs, perfect for anyone who is always on the go. Other cases provide features like storage compartments where you can pack your extra cash, credit cards, ID, etc.

So whether you want a thin protective case to shield your iPhone 7 from scratches or an indestructible case that will protect your iPhone 7 from virtually anything, we’ve got you covered below in our showcase of the best iPhone 7 cases (with the best deals on Amazon).

The Best iPhone 7 Cases



Note that these are only a few of the best iPhone 7 cases on the market. As they appear and are reviewed, we will continue to add them to our list. So make sure to share this post and check back frequently to see all of our favorites!

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